Feeling Peaky? (22/02/06)

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stuffit outdoorsThe end of cheap oil and gas means the end of many aspects of everyday life that are integrated within this supply line, like food produced using fertilisers and pesticides , mass personal transport , cheap flights , plastics , industrial transportation of goods , textile dyes and inks , centralised electricity generation and much more.

Two groups oppose this point of view: Techno-market fundamentalists who believe that the market mechanism will ensure that as oil becomes too expensive,greater efficiency will be implimented, and alternatives will be found. In the future 'something' will replace the fabric of industrial society - which sounds remarkably like a faith based inititative. The other group who have issues with the implications of peak oil are some mainstream environmental organisations who believe that renewable alternatives combined with greater efficiency will enable life to carry on as usual. Renewables simply don't have the energy density necessary to replace oil in power generation, and alternative fuels for transport face the same problem.

Apocalypse Soon? or 'So we're fucked then?'

Fortunately survivalists and the BNP aren't the only groups taking an interest in peak oil. So before running to your bunker in the hills, with a 3 year supply of ammunition and some root vegetables it may be worthwhile checking out the links collated by POPEX for some excellent resources on what can be done.Also here are some graphics that attempt to communicate | Outdoors:

cheap oil transport dont panic?
Cheap Oil makes us Mobile
Number 1 of a planned series of tryptich posters/stickers looking at the supply lines of oil in society. (A3 PDF 864kb | Stickers PDF 318kb)

oblivion ostrich apocalypse
Left: Oblivion, scribble.(PDF 2.9MB) Right: Ostrich poster/sticker, also planned as stencil.(PDF 452kb)

endagered species
Endangered Species
Number 1 in a series of posters/stickers looking at current dependencies on cheap oil.(PDF 170kb)

Personal pocket guide to pre and post peak supply lines. (PDF 2MB)

food oil dont panic?
Cheap Oil gives us Food
Number 2 of a planned series of tryptich posters/stickers looking at the supply lines of oil in society. (A3 PDF 351kb | Stickers PDF 321kb)

hubberts peak dont panic?
Supply Peak
Poster visualising 'Hubberts Peak', the curve created by M.King Hubbert which shows the projected rapid fall off in supplies after the peak is reached. (PDF 610kb)

detail hubberts peak dont panic?

peak oil relics
Text reads: Untitled No1 from the 'Relics of Peak Oil' series.
Tesco Extra, Eastville, Bristol

Designed to go near location of petrol stations.

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